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Our company LLC "BARS" has extensive experience in the production of basalt products. We have proved ourselves to be a reliable partner in Russia, Canada, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Cooperating with us, you get high quality products from the manufacturer at an attractive price, which will comply with the requirements of GOST standard.

We strictly follow technological standards and comply with all requirements, appropriate certificates are issued for all products. Our products are reliable, strong and durable.

7 лет успешной работы

7 years of successful work

Освоение новых продуктов

Introduction of new products

Индивидуальный подход к каждому клиенту

An individual approach to each client.

Гарантия качества продукции

Quality guarantee of production

Оформление документов и отгрузка продукции в одном месте

Documents processing and products shipment in one place

Гибкая система скидок в зависимости от заказа

Flexible discount system based on orderа


Basalt production

We produce basalt products from basalt fiber using high-quality binding material of Korea production.

Basalt fiber is a high modulus product made of melting basalt rock and transforming the molten rock into fibers.

Among composite materials, basalt products are characterized by high resistance to aggressive environment and a higher melting point.

The manufacturing process of basalt reinforcement consists in impregnation with polymer binders and twisting of fibers among themselves, after which the twisted filaments undergo polymerization and curing (cooling). During production, special ribs (winding) or quartz sand are applied for better reinforcing (adhesion with concrete)

Базальтовое производство

Advantages of basalt over metal


Environmental friendliness

The finished product is environmentally friendly, does not contain harmful substances and is absolutely corrosion-free.



It has a smaller diameter and 9 times less weight in comparison with metal.


Chemical resistance

Resistant to aggressive chemicals; resistant to mineralized and sea water, aqua-ammonia solution and various acids, does not react with alkalis and chloride salts.


Heat resistance

Withstands temperature drops from -70 ° to + 100 ° degrees, fireproof.


Why is basalt better than metal?

Our main product lines are products for construction, automotive, technical textile industries, fire retardant and insulation materials.

Road construction

Road construction

  • Reinforcement of bridges
  • Reinforcement of concrete roads
  • Reinforcement of amtomways
  • Cement, concrete
Building construction

Building construction

  • Foundation of hangars
  • Foundation of low-rise buildings and cottages
  • Walling
  • Surface repair
ЖБИ изделия

Reinforced concrete products

  • Road slabs
  • Reinforced concrete flumes
  • Cover of reinforced concrete flumes
  • Reinforced concrete lintels
Армирование бетонных чаш

Reinforcement of concrete bowls

  • Pool basins
  • Fountains
  • Concrete tanks
  • Technological baths
Сельхоз сооружения

Agricultural structures

  • Load-bearing slabs
  • Access roads
  • Auxiliary facilities
Парковки, мойки

Parking, car wash

  • Ground parking
  • Underground parking
  • Closed sinks
  • Open self-service car washes

What are we doing

We deliver all over Europe on time, with guarantee of the safety of our products, with all receipts and documents. Documentation is processed without difficulties with the help of our specialist!

Оформление заказа


To order products, our manager will contact you and discuss all the details, he will help you to determine the right quantity and choose the right category of goods.



We will manufacture the product in the required quantity according to your order, and will prepare it for shipment.



We provide custom declaration (information about goods), certificate of origin and other important documents to the customs of your city..



After preparation of the goods and documents is finished, we deliver your order safely to the specified address.


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